My name is Cole. I develop and design websites, good ones too. I do everything from database modeling to designing beautiful and intuitive user interfaces. My specialty, however, is in back end development, primarily using PHP.
This website is a collection of my work thus far. It showcases the evolution of my career in web design. Cruise on over to my portfolio page to see examples of my work. Already have something in mind? You can use the contact page to get ahold of me.
Listed in chronological order. Click on a thumbnail for more detail.
Google Picasa API Integration
Cross Browser Compliant
No server side scripting required!
This is a fun a little project that utilizes Google's Picasa API. The search feature searches all public photos on Google's Picasa photo service. You can also view a user's album and album sets.
Nifty Photo Viewer
Cross Browser Compliant
Custom Framework
Built in Permissions System
This is the UI for my custom PHP framework. It provides an administration interface for developers and clients alike.
I have plans to release this framework under the GLP license. It will be soon be available.
Halfnerd Framework
RSVP Tracking System
Cross Browser Compliant
Google Maps Integration
This is a personal project for my upcoming wedding. It was built on my framework and has a RSVP guest system built in. It also integrates with Google Maps API for easy directions to the wedding.
Cole and Heather
Cross Browser Compliant
Custom Framework
Built in CMS
This site is for a custom frame maker in Washington. It was built on my framework and customized to give my client complete control of the site's content.
Simple Bicycle Co.
Google Photo API Integration
Custom Framework
Built in CMS
This is a photography site made for my friend. It integrates with Google's Picasa API and allows content management from Google's Picasa service.
It is still under development.
Rebekah Hill Photography
Cross Browser Compliant
Custom Framework
Built in CMS
This is my first site. It was a fun little project for a local scuba shop. It was all done in procedural PHP. I added a custom CMS for the client.
Bottom Time Scuba
Whether you have a general question about web design or a full blown idea for a website of your own, send me a message. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I will work hard to help you form your ideal site.
I offer many services:
  • Design help
  • Database schema creation
  • Backend logic/administration tools
  • Data import/migration solution
  • UI development
  • Almost anything else
I work hard to make my client's vision come true. Each custom site I create is catered exactly to each client's specific needs.
Also, feel free to contact me through any of the social networks listed in the footer section. Just click on the icon and drop me a line!